Resident Evil 2 1-Shot demo coming this week

Posted on January 10, 2019

If you’re a fan of survival horror then this is the week for you! Capcom are giving fans a taste of things to come by releasing a limited time demo to the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake.

The aptly titled 1-Shot demo releases on January 11th and will be available on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One until January 31st.

While playing the demo you’ll be put back into the familiar shoes of rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy as he battle’s zombies, solve puzzles and explores the terror that has overtaken Raccoon City Police Department.

But this is no ordinary limited time demo…

“This specially tuned demo allows you to experience the newly re-imagined Resident Evil 2, but be warned: whilst you can continue as many times as you like after dying, you’ll only have 30 MINUTES to complete the demo. Take in the horror atmosphere at your own pace, or make a desperate dash to solve all the puzzles Raccoon Police Department has to offer? The choice is yours!”

Resident Evil 2

For those who complete the mission objective in less than 30 minutes, they’ll be allowed to restart and continue to play the demo until they use up the allotted time. If you die you can restart as often as needed until you either complete the demo or you use up the allotted 30 minutes.

As an added bonus once you complete the demo an exclusive new trailer linked to the demo will play, giving those fans dedicated enough to give it a go another special look. For our thoughts on the game after we played it at PAX 2018, make sure you check out our preview where we felt “the updated feel to the game makes it feel like something completely new”.

The Resident Evil 2 remake launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on January 25, 2019.