Bend Studio provides some harrowing yet intriguing insight to the world of Days Gone

Posted on February 8, 2019

Upcoming PlayStation exclusive Days Gone is looking to breathe some new life into the zombie/survival genre, and in order to showcase more of what the game has to offer to players, developer Bend Studio has teamed up with Sony in order to produce a three-part video series on what we can expect to see within the game’s world, from the awesome to the horrific.

The Farewell Wilderness

The world of Days Gone is set to feature a great deal of variety when it comes to locales. This first video in the series showcases some truly breath-taking sights, from lush forests to snowy camps.  Of course, all of these beautiful locations are rife with danger, with a lovely ride along the highway spoiled by the presence of infected wolves,  and a sunset-lit forest straight from the hands of Bob Ross marred by a dozen zombies (referred to in Days Gone as “Freakers”) wandering aimlessly for their next meal, which would be your character if it were up to them. Overall, the environment is set to have quite a lot of personality, though with the addition of randomised weather and it’s accompanying effects, that may not always be in your favour.

It’s also definitely worth noting that the aforementioned freakers can come in some truly grand numbers, with hordes that would make Left 4 Dead blush slobbering after you when you’re spotted. Planning for such scenarios will prove to be absolutely vital.

Riding the Broken Road

In the world of Days Gone, your motorcycle will become your best friend. Able to carry you long distances as well as get you out of some very sticky situations, keeping it both tuned-up and upgraded is invaluable. Friendly settlements can provide the opportunity to improve your bike’s durability and speed, however fuel proves to be a much more valuable commodity and will require you to fight others for the chance to refill and keep going for a while longer.

We also get to see some more of the marauders, hostile survivors with their own encampments who will set traps to hinder any attempts to attack them. Luckily, your bike also doubles as a mobile inventory, allowing you to better prepare with increasing capacities for weaponry and ammunition. And if things go pear-shaped, you’ll respawn beside your bike. Truly man’s second-best friend.

One last thing to note in this entry is the ability to thin the herd, so-to-speak, with infestations scattered around that can be wiped out, making it easier to get around and also provide fast-travel spots. Because your bike deserves a break every now and then too.

Fighting to Survive

The final video highlights the monstrous Freakers, former humans who now infest the world in droves and pose an enormous threat to what remains of humanity. The freakers have evolved into different forms that dictate their behaviour and abilities, meaning each variation has to be approached in different ways. The freakers also react to the weather and time of day, making them at least somewhat predictable but no less dangerous.

Hostile survivors are also a serious problem, as they may lack the freakers’ numbers but make up for it with ingenuity and weaponry. Thankfully your character can respond in kind with upgraded firearms and melee weapons, though they must be taken care of to remain of use.

From what’s been showcased, Days Gone looks like it definitely has the potential to become a hit, with an enormous world to explore filled to the brim with danger, but plenty of opportunity and fun to be had for those who can brave it. The wait to find out isn’t too much longer, with the game set to release on the 26th of April this year, after enduring some delays since it’s reveal. Now to find a good bike…