Capcom has added an extensive range of game soundtracks to Spotify

Posted on February 12, 2019

Spotify’s range of selection when it comes to video game soundtracks has been decent if you are looking for popular soundtracks like Skyrim or Mass Effect but has been somewhat limited when it comes to more Japanese flavoured titles. That is until Capcom decided to make this change for the better.

Capcom Sound Team recently uploaded a various selection of soundtracks from a wide range of Capcom game series to Spotify for eager fans to enjoy. These soundtracks vary from modern titles like Devil May Cry and Street Fighter 5 to more classic titles such as Phoenix Wright, Breath of Fire, and even the unforgettable and timeless Mega Man soundtracks.

Capcom soundtracks on Spotify

Capcom games were always a very big part of my own videogame childhood during the 16-bit era and onwards, and as a result so many of the accompanying soundtracks are ingrained into my brain from countless sleepless nights of binging Megaman X and Street Fighter.

It must be noted that many of these titles are listed on Spotify in the native Japanese language, but thankfully the artwork for the soundtracks makes it easy enough to distinguish and find what you are looking for. The catalogue is certainly varied and eclectic to begin with, but I do still hold out hope that Capcom continues with this initiative and adds further game soundtracks to the service as time goes on.

There does also appear to be a certain selection of titles that seem to be region locked, with some users from the USA reporting that Resident Evil and Monster Hunter World soundtracks do not play and provide a “not available in your country”  message.

Are there any titles not listed that you would like available? Are you looking forward to taking a stroll down musical memory lane?  Let us know your thoughts!