Captain Toad isn’t done spelunking just yet!

Posted on February 14, 2019

Captain Toad made an unexpected appearance during today’s Nintendo Direct, with the announcement of some upcoming content in two parts, which are designed to add more replayability and variety to the puzzle-platformer.

The first update, which will be free for everyone who owns the game, will introduce 2-player co-op to every stage of the game. While the first player controls Captain Toad, a second player can join in as an as-yet-unnamed purple Toad with the same abilities, allowing a pair of players to work together to solve each stage. Given how fun the Switch port turned out to be, it’s great to see that its content can now be enjoyed with a friend. This update is set to be released later today via the eShop.

The second update is known as Captain Toad Special Episode. This paid downloadable content will introduce 18 new challenges into the game, as well as 5 new courses, giving Captain Toad more tasks to complete in new locations as well as introducing more challenges to existing ones. Building off of what the first update is offering, the Special Episode will be fully playable either alone or in 2-player, with Captain Toad and Toadette working side-by-side throughout the levels.

Captain Toad

The Special Episode is set to release on March 14th this year. Those who wish to purchase the content early will gain early access to the first level of the new update, with the rest unlocking upon official release. For those who don’t own the game but wish to do so thanks to the Special Episode, there will be a bundle that includes it along with the base game, also available later today.