Ready to make your Dreams become reality?

Posted on February 22, 2019

Great news for those who’ve always wanted to make their own game, but were always unsure of where to start: Media Molecule, developers of Little Big Planet, have announced that their upcoming title, Dreams, will be entering Early Access on PlayStation 4 later this year.

Dreams is a PlayStation 4 exclusive which has been characterised as a “sketchbook” of sorts, as it allows players to create a vast array of original content, be it characters, levels, objectives and even entire games that feature all of the above. Players use an avatar to create and manipulate the game’s content, enabling them to have a very hands-on approach to their creations. These can then be shared with other players, allowing people from all over the world to try out these creations for themselves. “Play, create (and) share” is the motto for the game, with the developers trying their hardest to provide a near-unprecedented level of freedom within the game’s framework.


Following a highly-successful beta period for the game, the results of which can be seen in a Thank You video below, Media Molecule has decided to give players a chance to enter a Limited Release Early Access version of the upcoming release. Those who get in quick enough will be able to use all of the game’s creation tools, however not every feature of the full release will be included, ensuring that it can still come with a number of surprises. That being said, the Early Access version will receive updates that add in more features along the way, with the input of players providing invaluable feedback on the game’s development.

Studio Director Siobhan Reddy states on the official PlayStation Blog: “With Dreams, our ambition from the start was to put all the tools needed to make games in one accessible package.” Given the scope of the project, it makes perfect sense to gain as much feedback as possible from interested players. Each creation that gets made, played and shared with others will test the limits of what can be done with the game, and potentially show what features can be taken even further.

Dreams Early Access will cost $39.95 for Aussie gamers who want to give it a try, via the PlayStation Store. To have your best shot at getting into this limited release, registration for forthcoming updates, as well as the launch of the game this (European) Spring, can be done¬†here.¬† Entry is first-come first-served, so the sooner the better if you plan to sign up; you may be a dreamer, but you’re not the only one!