Plague Inc to add anti-vaxxer scenario after successful petition

Posted on February 28, 2019

Plague Inc: Evolved by Ndemic Creations is set to get an update adding anti-vaxxers into the game thanks to a successful campaign. The game is a strategy simulation title where you evolve and nurture a harmful disease from its humble Patient Zero origins into a massive global catastrophe.

The petition which was started by Eduard Gabrian who has one simple request. “Add anti-vaxxers as a buff in Plague Inc” because “Anti-Vaxxers are stupid.” Currently the petition has smashed its initial 10,000 signature goal and is sitting at over 20,000 signatures with an ever increasing goal. The petition seems to have worked too, because Ndemic Creations have sent out a few Tweets and it looks like they are on board.

It’s interesting that a genuine threat to humanity looks like it will be added to what is typically a fairly light-hearted and fun strategy game. This anti-vaccination trend may be genuinely alarming, although combating it with mockery could prove to be a powerful social tool. There’s no word yet on when the game is set to receive it’s anti-vaxxer update. Plague Inc: Evolved is currently available on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, PS4 and Xbox One.