Red Dead Online tackles bad behaviour in Feb 26 update

Posted on February 15, 2019

Red Dead Online is getting a major update this month that’s set to shack things up.  With a new bounty system, changes to player blips, and balance tweaks, things are about to get wild in the unruly west.

A game of hide and seek.

Good news for those looking to not get griefed. Once the update goes live, player blips will dissapaear once they are over 150 mitres away from other players. This will hopefully stop cowpokes hunting down players from across the map. The range will be larger of those firing their gun. Naughty players will have their blip darken, and become increasingly visible. This will apply not only to them, but their entire posse. “Overly aggressive acts”, those that can darken your blip, include attacking and killing players outside of established game modes like free roam missions.

No Bully

As an extra measure, there’s the new parlay system. If a posse member kills you, and you want them to leave you alone, you van no enact posse-wide parlays. These will make you invulnerable to entire posses if just one of them has killed you. Posse feuds are also a new feature and can  activate if violence breaks out between posses in free roam, putting both groups in a mini-death match.

Red Dead Online Screenshot

There’s a bounty on your head.

To further deter bad behaviour in Red Dead Online, Rockstar have included a new bounty system. Law-breakers will rack up a bounty on their head for bad behaviour. This will lead to NPC lawmen and bountyhunters tracking you down to claim the reward. The bounty will rack up if you kill players or npcs, but will let minor things like looting slide. The higher the bounty the better the npc’s, so be prepared for a fight if you go full snidely whiplash.

An apple a day.

Daily challenges are coming. They will grant gold nuggets and experience upon completion. These challenges will include picking herbs and hunting animals, covering actions players are already doing in game.  These challenges will be evolve over time, bringing special challenges and streak bonuses.

There will also be some changes to how the varmint riffle handles, and how long carcasses stick around. These are all part of continual re-balancing the game will undergo during the beta.