Total War: Three Kingdoms has been delayed to May

Posted on February 13, 2019

Across it’s 19-year history, Total War’s various titles have seen battles rage all across world history, like Feudal Japan, Rome, and Medieval England. It’s even partnered up with Warhammer on multiple occasions for a high fantasy version of the game. The latest iteration, Total War: Three Kingdoms, takes the battle to ancient China. It was set to release in mid March, but developers Creative Assembly have announced that’s no longer the case.

Total War: Three Kingdoms promo image

In a development update, Creative Assembly announced the sad news that the game now won’t be coming out until the 24th of May. The blog post states, “With Three Kingdoms, we set out to create a new level of complexity. As such, we need a little more time to make sure these systems deliver as intended and give you the Total War experience you’ve waited so patiently for.”

It seems this delay is to allow the team more time to really polish the game and make sure it’s of a standard that lives up to the franchise. The statement reassures that this delay will not affect preorders except for the release date, and that the planned DLC for Total War: Warhammer II is still on schedule as planned.

If you’re interested in the current state of Total War: Three Kingdoms, you can check out their channels on YouTube and Twitch, where they regularly post gameplay and first-look videos. The game will be available on May 24th for PC.