Apex Legends celebrates 50 million players! So what comes next?

Posted on March 7, 2019

What an insane month it has been for Apex Legends. Within 8 hours of release the game had 1 million players, it reached 10 million just 72 hours after launch. The next big milestone was 25 million players a week later and now, less than 1 month since its release, Apex Legends has amassed 50 million players.

The developers over at Respawn have celebrated the new milestone with a video uploaded to their official YouTube page. Check it out, it’s a lot of fun and a huge accomplishment for a game nobody knew anything about just 1 month ago.

So we know Apex Legends is doing fantastically well for itself. It’s a great Battle Royale game that iterated upon the genre, creating some new and fun mechanics to keep things fresh. The huge player numbers are certainly well deserved, but what is coming next for this massive game?

A few things are on the horizon. According to sources at DailyEsports, we are on the cusp of a new character release who is set to arrive alongside a Season 1 Battlepass. The new character, Octane, has been rumoured for a while after their name was uncovered by dataminers within the game files. Since then a few screenshots and leaks all seem to reaffirm the same details, although I’m certainly not ruling out the possibility of an elaborate hoax. But let’s treat this as true for now. So who is Octane?

Octane leak for Apex Legends

Octane is rumoured to be a character with a focus on movement and speed, which would make sense with a name like that. They also reportedly have the ability to regenerate health over time, if you’re willing to believe an unsourced reddit leak.

Sources at DailyEsports also suggests that Octane is arriving very soon. They claim Octane will be central to a Season 1 Battle Pass that will arrive on March 12th. The price and details of that Battle Pass are still unknown, although all of these leaks appear to align with the Year 1 Roadmap Respawn had released previously (seen below). We also know new characters, weapons and much more are already well under development. So to see Octane released alongside a Battle Pass just makes a lot of sense. It’s what else is arriving that remains a mystery.

Apex Legends Roadmap

What would you like to see coming from Apex Legends next?