Freddy bears all: Five Nights VR brings horrors closer than ever

Posted on March 13, 2019

Looks like Freddy isn’t ready to hang up his top hat just yet. Earlier this week, several new teasers were found for a brand new entry in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, which will apparently utilise VR tech to allow the animatronic horrors to jump out at you like never before. Lacking a confirmed title, fans are currently referring to it as Five Nights VR.

FNaF has quite the reputation for having a highly complex lore and the ability to release new entries at break-neck speed, to the enjoyment and scorn of fans and naysayers respectively. Since the first entry in 2014, the franchise has exploded in popularity, with it becoming near-impossible to enter an EB Games without seeing plushies, stress toys or action figures for the games’ antagonists. The series overall has shown to have some surprisingly strong staying power, with other indie horror titles not always hitting the mark.

While many assumed that the Five Nights story had reached it’s finale with the previous title, Pizzeria Simulator, it seems there’s still a tale to tell, and fans are being fed some small snippets of info to get the Five Nights VR hype train rolling.

Chica rocking the noir look in Five Nights VR. Very tasteful!

Earlier today on the FNaF Reddit,  users became aware of a new image that had appeared on series creator Scott Cawthon’s website. While later removed for accidentally using some fan-made content (which Cawthon has since apologised for), the image did leave some breadcrumbs for eager Redditors to follow and decode. Their findings have led to some very intriguing images, all obscured in black and white filters, as well as a secret message, transcribed below:

“Don’t listen to them. We let something inside. It was an accident. Remember Jeremy.”

Baby returns yet again. I'd say kill it with fire, but they tried that already.

The Reddit as one might expect is abuzz with speculation and excitement on what this new game will entail. Who will we play as? Why is Baby alive again? Will we finally see what the kitchen looks like? For now though, we mostly have to wait and see. Scott Cawthon is known for teasing his games ahead of release on a fairly regular basis, so it seems safe to assume that we won’t have to wait too long to get some more glimpses into the upcoming game.

As for how Five Nights VR will play? Not much is confirmed, but based on previous entries, there’s a good chance that players will be trying to avoid the animatronics as much as possible, with little more than a desk fan and lady luck to keep them company. That being said, the addition of VR brings with it plenty of opportunities to take the series into uncharted territory, so this entry has the potential to break the mold entirely and create scenarios that wouldn’t have worked with mouse and keyboard. Perhaps you’ll need to duck under your desk to avoid someone walking by, or break eye-contact at something staring at you? As I said, we can only speculate, though I imagine we won’t be seeing the ability to gun them down anytime soon. Not that bullets would do much to ghosts…

So, will you be ready for Freddy? I know I’m not D: