Oh hell! Doom is getting another movie!

Posted on March 13, 2019

Rev up those chainsaws, cos the Doom Slayer is ready for another shot at the silver screen! And fingers crossed that he doesn’t shoot it to pieces again after he sees this one.

DOOM: Annihilation has just been announced for a direct-to-video release later this year, which will be a reboot that attempts to be much truer to the spirit of the games it draws from. Have a look at the first trailer below.

Big guns, possessed humans and bloody scrawlings on the wall are just some of the sights to see here. In addition, it’s been confirmed that unlike the first film, which released in 2005 and starred Dwayne Johnson, these monsters originate from a portal to hell, which is how the trouble all started in the games. A good start at the very least.

The film is being directed by Tony Giglio, who previously worked on films such as Liar Liar,  Resident Evil: Afterlife, and Soccer Dog (yeah, really). While this may seem concerning at first, Giglio does seem to have a good understanding of the franchise’s origins and how to strike a balance between paying homage to it’s original medium whilst avoiding being tacky. On that note, it has been confirmed that the film will feature some first-person shots in a similar vein to the last film, however they will make more sense in-universe this time, being attributed to the heads-up-displays on the soldiers’ visors.

The film unfortunately has it’s work cut out for it when it comes to convincing anyone it’ll be worth watching. The above trailer, which debuted on the Bloody Disgusting YouTube channel,  is sitting on twelve thousand dislikes against under a thousand likes as of the writing of this article, so clearly many fans aren’t exactly convinced this interpretation will fare much better. This isn’t really a shock given the rather shaky reputation game tie-in films have these days (hi Sonic), but it’s still a bit harsh. It can’t be worse than the last game tie-in that had the Annihilation tagline, right?


All this being said, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom (if you’ll pardon the expression). The first Mortal Kombat film was actually quite good, and while I may be in the minority in saying this, the first DOOM film really wasn’t all that bad either. While it does earn it’s rep for having some narmy moments, it did a decent job in trying to portray the man who would end up becoming the Doom Slayer, and it certainly didn’t skimp on the blood and bullets. This film may end up surprising us, and I’d welcome it.

I wonder if they’ll find a way to slip in a line about ripping and tearing…