‘Weezer World’ appears on Fortnite, confusing many

Posted on March 4, 2019

Say it Ain’t So: Fortnite now has a new island titled ‘Weezer World’. The appearance of the island that serves as a theme park, showcasing music from the rock band’s new ‘The Black Album’ , out now, coincides with the beginning of Fortnite’s 8th Season.

This move both by Fortnite developer Epic Games and the band themselves seems curious, even more so when noting that Weezer aren’t particularly a band or genre that is known well or listened to by current day teenagers which is a large demographic of the game’s players. Still, here it appeared in the game’s  Creative Mode,  where players could explore and preview four songs off the new album before it released.

This move is odd but also somewhat plausible with both parties as Fortnite have collaborated with the likes of Disney, Marvel and DJ Marshmello in previous seasons while Weezer are known to make curious choices in their career such as their recent covers album. The story gets more bizarre when the band’s lead singer Rivers Cuomo tweeted the following:

Research even further and you find that some nine months ago the creative director of Epic Games and Rivers have communicated on Twitter before .This interaction can appear to be eye raising and could appear to be the start of foundations from whence this curious season content came. The map itself, features a stage, slippery slides, deadly obstacle  and parkour courses, and even confusing mirror mazes.

Regardless, this is once again another season content that has left more than a few players scratching their head. The crossover between Fortnite fans and Weezer fans likely isn’t large, but still: this is something that happened. Longtime Weezer fans be warned, the map is in fact not an island in the sun but fans of both parties can jump in to play right now.