Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is just getting started!

Posted on April 5, 2019

“Alpha! Battle for the Grid needs more content! Recruit more teenagers with attitude!”

Rangers! The newly-released Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, which was introduced to the world back in January, is set to get even better with the announcement of a free update that will add in several more playable characters. May the power protect them.

This news comes straight from the game’s official Twitter account. Acknowledging the game’s unfortunate lack of content, the developers behind the 3-on-3 fighter have committed to expanding the game’s scope, with this first major update being a great sign of things to come.

Battle for the Grid's three new fighters

“Triceratops! Sabre-tooth Tiger! Elsa from Frozen!”

The full details on the free update for Battle for the Grid aren’t available yet, but what has been confirmed is the new characters who’ll be joining the roster. In order, we have:

  • Dragon Armour Trini – the MMPR yellow ranger from Lord Drakkon’s timeline, now utilising a specialised zord.
  • Udonna – The white Mystic Ranger, able to command ice and snow.
  • Cenozoic Blue Ranger – The blue ranger of Zordon’s squad in the 2017 film, back when he was a ranger himself.

Said characters have not been shown in-action yet, but given the diverse movesets amongst the existing cast, they’re sure to each be unique in their own way.

As stated, this won’t be all that’s included in the update, but it’s safe to assume that it will also (hopefully) fix a number of bugs that have been brought to the developers’ attention, and may perhaps introduce a new stage or two. Also still to be seen is the promised story mode for the game, which appears to have been pushed back from initial release.

Overall, Battle for the Grid as it is now plays really well for the most part and can be a lot of fun with a friend, so to see that solid foundation being built upon, especially this soon after release, is more than welcome. And with over a hundred rangers out there across 20 different series, each with dozens of baddies, there is PLENTY to draw from.

Now let me play as the Megazord…

The original Megazord. I can dream can't I?