Bulletstorm is heading to the Switch later this year

Posted on April 2, 2019

2011’s Bulletstorm  was an over-the-top, violent shooter about killing large numbers of foes in the craziest ways possible.

Originally released on the last generation of consoles,  it has recently found new life with the updated Full Clip Edition for the PS4 and Xbox One. Now, publisher Gearbox is bringing Bulletstorm to the Nintendo Switch, bundled with all previously released DLC, including the latest Duke Nukem expansion, if that is somehow a value proposition for you.  Duke Nukem gets top billing with the port’s full title of Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition.

Bulletstorm was developer People Can Fly’s love letter to the early days of PC first person shooters, in particular their previous title, Painkiller. Taking control of Grayson Hunt, a space pirate stranded on a planet with mutated savages and lots of powerful weaponry. Bulletstorm is a game that is as much about how creatively you kill your opponents than the ability to kill them at all, with points awarded for utilising the terrain and clever use of the different weapons and gadgets at your disposal.

The plot is…certainly present, even if it doesn’t really go beyond an excuse for terrible jokes and carnage. It isn’t exactly a sophisticated experience, nor is it really trying to be. This extends to the Duke Nukem DLC, which changes your character’s skin and voice pack to turn him into Duke Nukem. The Duke Nukem DLC was originally only available as a preorder bonus for the Full Clip Edition, so it is nice that it is being bundled with the Switch port by default.


“Since the first reveal, when I saw the capabilities of the latest Nintendo console, I knew that we need to get Bulletstorm working on that thing!”  People Can Fly CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski has stated. “The whole team was super pumped up on doing that.”

All in all, if the developers can get a fast-paced shooter like Bulletstorm to run well on the Switch, it will be a great addition to the platform’s library. As a throwback to when FPSs were more about gliding around the room while holding ten weapons at once rather than hiding behind cover, Bulletstorm is a great time. Plus, the addition of all the DLC is certainly a sweetener.