Enter the Gungeon’s final update is now available

Posted on April 7, 2019

Enter the Gungeon, Dodge Roll’s firearm-themed bullet hell roguelike, was released in 2016, and has been steadily supported with patches and updates over time. The developer has now released its final expansion, appropriately titled “A Farewell to Arms“. The update brings tons of new guns and items, two new player characters, new secrets, and various other quality-of-life improvements to make the player feel  “more powerful more often”.

The most significant additions are the new Gungeoneers, the Paradox and the Gunslinger. The Paradox starts off with a random starting weapon, and changes appearance every time they do a dodge roll. Beating a certain endgame boss as the Paradox will unlock the Gunslinger, a powerful character whose passive item makes all guns act as if they have their synergies. There are also loads of new guns and items to help you survive the Gungeon.

Another important addition is Rainbow Mode, a new way to play which can be unlocked after rescuing a certain NPC in the Gungeon. In Rainbow Mode,  the only source of items during the run are a Rainbow Chest at the start of each floor, and all other chests and shops have been removed. Enter the Gungeon is already fairly difficult, but if you are into self-imposed challenge runs, Rainbow Mode could be a fun new mode to try out.

Also, the Hunter can now pet her dog with a button press. That one addition justifies the whole update, to be honest.

Three years in, it is pretty impressive that Dodge Roll has been steadily supporting and updating their game via free expansions. What started as an already great game has only gotten more enjoyable as mechanics were tweaked and content added, with the developers taking on player feedback. This update is the biggest since last year’s Advanced Gungeons and Draguns, which primarily rebalanced the game to make loot drops more rewarding and less stingy.

Although the developers will probably still be patching and tweaking Enter the Gungeon, A Farewell to Arms will likely be the last big update to the game before Dodge Roll moves onto its next project. If it is anywhere near as great as Enter the Gungeon has been, I can’t wait to see what’s in store.