Melbourne game Critter Clash debuts to a huge success

Posted on April 2, 2019

Launching today for Android phones is an impressive Melbourne-developed game by the name of Critter Clash. The mobile title is developed by a small local team by the name of Lumi Interactive and it’s already receiving a lot of attention. In fact the game has surpassed 120,000 beta players with almost a millon players already having pre-registered.

We got a chance to chat with Lumi Interactive founders Katie Stegs and Lauren Clinnick about their game and it’s well worth a listen for anybody interested in the title as well as the state of women in the video game development industry. You can listen below.

Critter Clash is a competitive yet accessible title that pits two players against one another. Each player has a set of their own critters who can attack the opposition by flinging different projectiles in their direction. The game, whilst initially simple, is actually surprisingly strategic. As you play you’ll unlock a number of different critters which can be placed and used tactically to quickly take down your foes. Aim for a particularly annoying critter on the enemy team or even try to sever the ropes holding them all up and watch as the entire enemy team falls into the abyss below.

Whilst the team at Lumi Interactive are celebrating the game’s launch, thousands of players are already climbing the ranks of the game, looking to become the toughest critter in the digital jungle. Critter Clash features both PvE and PvP elements as well as a lot of customisation and upgrades. It’s unlikely you’ll ever go up against a team identical to your own, so finding the perfect team to suit your strategies is half the fun.

Critter Clash is available for free on Android now with an iOS release expected further down the line. You can check it out on Google Play or head to the game’s website to find out more.