PAX East 2019 shows plenty of love for gaming’s new blood

Posted on April 1, 2019

Indies assemble! PAX East 2019 has brought with it a great number of reveals, as well as plenty of  brand new footage to pore through for various titles. Here’s just a few of the games shown, all of which manage to be great throwbacks to some gaming classics.

A DLC fit for a king!

Shovel Knight - King of Cards at PAX East 2019

First off we have the latest downloadable chapter of the Shovel Knight saga, known as King of Cards. The upcoming campaign is looking like a real treat so far, as the self-proclaimed king throws his weight around with a surprising amount of grace. It’s like watching a version of Wario who took ballet. Can’t help but feel a bit bad for those dragons though; they’re too cute to be shoulder-barged like that!

Thank you to Direct-Feed  Games for the footage!

What a terrible night for this to still not be out…

Bloodstained's new boxart

Next we have Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. The game’s been steadily getting better with each public showing, and it hasn’t been afraid to take on feedback from fans to improve things even further. So far, the game seems like it will definitely be worth the wait for it’s release later this year. Oh PAX East 2019, why do you tease us so?

This footage comes to us courtesy of GameXplain!

And a new face springs from the shadows of PAX East 2019

PAX East 2019 was the debut for Cyber Shadow!

Lastly, we have the reveal of a whole new game! Cyber Shadow made it’s debut at PAX East 2019, being a retro-styled platformer in the vein of the Ninja Gaiden entries on NES.

The game looks very impressive so far; we’ve got smooth gameplay, some fantastic sprite-work for the characters and environments, and what’s shaping up to be an awesome soundtrack. Comparisons to The Messenger can be drawn, due to the similar inspirations, but this title looks to be going in a different direction, with the mood of the levels giving off a very different vibe. The title is being published by Yacht Club Games, who are responsible for the aforementioned Shovel Knight, so they must have realised they had a winner on their hands here.

Thanks again to Direct-Feed  Games for the footage!

All in all, there’s plenty to be excited about this year in the world of gaming. And to the wallets we must sacrifice to keep up… we salute you.