Skyrim Grandma will be in the next Elder Scrolls game

Posted on April 1, 2019

Bethesda is drip feeding everyone the slowest stream of information about Elder Scrolls VI ever since its tease last year. Today they reveal that Shirley Currey, otherwise known as Skyrim Grandma, will be a character in the upcoming game.

The 82-year-old grandmother is well-known for her wholesome and unique YouTube channel. Curry prominently uploads Let’s Plays of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, where she found her viral fame. However, the unassumingly hardcore gamer also dabbles in different role-playing games here and there.

shirley curry skyrim grandma

Bethesda announced at PAX East 2019 that they will be bringing Curry’s likeness into the title. Using the studio’s high-tech photogrammetry scans. Basically, this means they’ll take high-res pictures of Shirley Curry’s face and transfer them into three-dimensional computer graphics.

The character ‘Grandma Shirley’ will certainly be another memorable NPC in a long list of quirky and kooky personalities of the Elder Scrolls games. Curry explains her excitement and honour to be a part of the sixth official entry, expressing she is ‘extremely happy’ to know that somebody else is playing with her character in a future Elder Scrolls game.

Besides that, Bethesda is still holding their Elder Scrolls cards close their chest. Not much is known about Elder Scrolls VI. Although, Checkpoint will always be the first to report on it. So stay tuned!