The Sonic movie is only the beginning?

Posted on April 1, 2019

Well, this was unexpected. Hopes weren’t exactly high for the upcoming Sonic movie,  with what little information we had available doing little to impress fans. This may be set to change, however, thanks to a huge story leak that has revealed the true nature of the film. Hang on to your hats here.

This leak originated from an extra who was to appear within the film, who began spreading spoilers after learning at the test screening of the film that their lines had been cut. This extra,  calling themselves “fthesonicmovie” on Twitter and Reddit, went into great detail on what to expect from the Sonic movie. Here’s just a few of the details that were dropped before the accounts were deleted.

  • Dr. Robotnik works for a company named PAL Laboratories, who are interested in catching Sonic in order to research his capabilities. Robotnik hopes to turn him into a mindless soldier for his own benefit.
  • There’s a scene (where the extra was to hand Robotnik a coffee) in which Robotnik gets into an argument with the other scientists, named Dr. Curien and Dr. Bailey. Robotnik mocks Bailey for developing “that hideous orange suit,” while Curien comments that robotics aren’t the future, and he has his own ideas of how the world will evolve. Robotnik laughs and storms off, knocking some papers off of the desk of an elderly-looking scientist holding a prosthetic arm.
  • At a later point, Sonic gets confronted by the police. He quips that it must be for speeding, but then one of the officers introduces himself as “Officer Stone” and states that they need Sonic to come with them due to scaring the public. Sonic tells him he’s on the wrong side before running off again.

This is a lot to take in, but there’s more. When asked to provide some proof of what they were saying, the extra provided the following photo, taken during the mid-credits scene.

A very unexpected face in the Sonic movie

Yep, that’s Mario. As the extra explains, at the end of the film, there’s a scene in which you see someone from behind watching the news regarding the final battle of the film in a bar. The figure takes a sip from their drink and states in a thick accent that they’ve “seen worse.” The news then switches to a story in which mysterious claw marks have been found outside the embassy of Mushoon, causing the figure, whose face is finally revealed, to grimly state “he’s back,” and begin to leave the bar. The final shot is of Mario slowly putting on his hat and walking out the door,  the screen cutting to black as he says “Let’s-a go.”

There’s a lot to take in here, but based on what’s been presented, it appears that SEGA and Nintendo are trying to create a shared universe within the film, along the lines of the MCU, with the Sonic movie acting as the introduction. The “orange suit” could be Samus’ armour, with Bailey being part of a well-known password for the original Metroid. Dr. Curien may be the same character from the House of the Dead series, who created zombies to take over the world. Then there’s the older scientist who could be Dr. Light, but it’s hard to say. Finally, “Officer Stone” may turn out to be Axel from the Streets of Rage series, who had left the police-force prior to the first game.

We already know that a Mega Man live-action film is in the works, and Nintendo has recently shown willingness to let their IPs be given film adaptations after the mess that was the Mario Brother film in 1993. Maybe given the reputations of gaming films as a whole, the companies involved want to take a different approach; the MCU has done amazingly so far, so who’s to say the same magic couldn’t be captured with iconic heroes like Samus and Mario.

I for one am finally looking forward to seeing the Sonic movie after these revelations. Just thinking about an Avengers of gaming makes me want to hurl money at the people in charge 😀