Xbox Game Pass has some real gems this April

Posted on April 11, 2019

Microsoft has unveiled some of the new additions to Xbox’s game subscription service Xbox Game Pass for this April, and there are some pretty great games here.

With Xbox Game Pass, subscribers can download and play over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles for free. This month’s selection includes some older Xbox One titles, as well as some new ones. Whether you are into narrative-focused games, sports titles or action games, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have some fun games to look forward to this month.

Xbox Game Pass

Starting on April 11, subscribers can download and play Prey (2017) and The Golf Club 2. Prey (2017) was Arkane’s reboot of the Prey series, creating a compelling and tense survival role playing game where you explore an devastated space station combating an alien threat. In The Golf Club 2, players can play alone or with their friends with new realistic golf physics and a course editor.

The week after that, April 18 will bring Monster Hunter World and The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. Monster Hunter World is the latest in the Monster Hunter franchise, where players can kit out their hunter and slay giant monsters alone or with friends. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is the third season of Telltale’s acclaimed adventure game series, where players take on the role of Javier Garcia, who partners with returning character Clementine to survive the zombie apocalypse and make impactful choices which shape the game’s narrative.

Xbox Game Pass

Finally, the third wave of April’s Xbox Game Pass additions will be Life is Strange 2: Episode 2 and Resident Evil 5 on April 25. Life is Strange 2 is the most recent game on this list, and Episode 2 continues the odyssey of brothers Sean and Daniel as they travel across America whilst developing Daniel’s newfound abilities. Resident Evil 5 features Chris Redfield and newcomer Sheva as they fight the undead and the Umbrella Corporation’s experiments in Africa.

Subscribers can access their games from their Xbox One, or the Xbox Game Pass app for mobile devices. New subscriptions are just $1 for the first month, so if you own an Xbox One and want to access some great games, this is a great way to check them out.