Build your own tech empire with Tech Corp

Posted on May 16, 2019

Ever fancied yourself as one of those silicon valley innovators burning investor cash on the next big thing? Well thanks to developer Mardonpol and publisher 2tainment GmbH, upcoming start up management simulator Tech Corp is your time to shine. Described as mirroring real-world high level company management the budding executive will need to manage their factory, develop hardware, software, media platforms and apps, to researching new technologies.

The in-game timeline starts in the 90s. Their budding execs will need to hire the right staff, design the right products and take their company from startup to global launch. You will be able to manage virtual social media reviewing comments from the public and create games, movies and television shows to market your wares.

Key Features of Tech Corp. Include:

Build a Dream Team: Hire employees based on their skill to design, develop, research, and market your tech — and everything else your company creates! Players manage five employee types, each with their own roles and specializations.

Hardware Development: Unlike similar technology business sims, Tech Corp. allows you to dive deep into your product designs – even deciding how to customize the hardware components in your products from the quality of the display to the storage size of the hard drive

Software Development: Develop cutting edge software that’s a step above the rest! After assigning them to a software project, your devoted programming employees take care of the heavy lifting, all while you manage progress!

Factory Mania: With an entire factory and the various production elements at your disposal, the ability to choose machines and their production rate is in the palm of your hand (literally)!

Tech Corp

For more information head over to the official Tech Corp website.  It’s due to launch on Steam Early Access June 20th so get your tech thinking caps on and get ready to be part of the next .com boom!