E3 2019 live streams in Australia – Where and when to watch

Posted on May 15, 2019

E3 2019 is on the horizon and that means crazy announcements, nostalgic trips down memory lane, and an almost unbearable amount of cringe (but somehow we can’t look away). There are tonnes of live stream events held by a handful of our favourite publishers and developers. We’ve gathered all the necessary information so you don’t have to scout the wide-web endlessly for the right times depending on your location.

Where can we watch?

Anyone can live stream the event from E3’s official streaming page. Alternatively,  YouTube and Twitch will have their own dedicated sections for the duration of E3 2019.

When can we watch?

Luckily,  a massive chart exists online… although we’ve simplified it even further for you!

E3 2019 time schedule live stream australia

Microsoft: Monday 10 June 0600 AEST / 0400 AWST / 0530 ACST / 0800 NZST

Bethesda: Monday 10 June 1030 AEST / 0830 AWST / 1000 ACST / 1230 NZST

Devolver Digital: Monday 10 June 1200 AEST / 1000 AWST / 1130 ACST / 1400 NZST

PC Gaming Show: Tuesday 11 June 0300 AEST / 0100 AWST / 0230 ACST / 0500 NZST

Ubisoft: Tuesday 11 June 0800 AEST / 0600 AWST / 0730 ACST / 1000 NZST

Square Enix: Tuesday 11 June 1100 AEST / 0900 AWST / 1030 ACST / 1300 NZST

Nintendo: Wednesday 12 June 0200 AEST / 0000 AWST / 0130 ACST / 0400 NZST

E3 2019 takes place 11 June until 13 June at the Los Angeles Convention Center, California. Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is the “premier event for computer and video games and related products”. Originally a media and press event, the milestone industry event now involves the public and opens the floor to thousands upon thousands of fanatics. The floor is exclusive to new technology,  upcoming game demos, and confidential game previews. However, the press conferences are the largest attraction, as the eyes of the entire globe feast upon new footage and news.

We know some of those are REALLY EARLY for us in this corner of the globe. Don’t threat, all the biggest and smallest news will be available immediately on Checkpoint. Keep watching our website and socials to stay in the know!