Necrobarista brews its way to Steam this August

Posted on May 23, 2019

With all the nonsense going on between Steam and Epic lately, its nice to get some good PC gaming news for once.  Melbourne based studio Route 59 Games have announced that Necrobarista, their cel-shaded visual novel, will be percolating its way onto Steam on Aug. 8, 2019.

The Story will be set around a place known as The Terminal, a magical café in Melbourne, Australia frequented by living and dead customers. Necrobarista  boasts a distinct cinematic aesthetic and branching narrative scenarios. Players will also have the opportunity to explore the coffee shop and chat with customers, helping them resolve their unfinished business.

The story will follow seven protagonists, including Maddy, the titular “necrobarista”, who is just as likely rise the dead as she is to raise your spirits with a decent cup of Joe. Oh and infamous Aussie icon, Ned Kelly, is along for the ride, so things are bound to go from zero to wacky in a matter of minutes

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The game is a passion project for lead developer, Keven Chen, who describes the game as “distillation of our deep passion for anime, video games, and storytelling”. The game will also feature an original soundtrack from Kevin Penkin, the composer behind Made in Abyss, Florence, Under the Dog, Norn9, and more.

Kieren got to spend some hands-on time with Necrobarista at PAX AUS last year, and described it as one of his highlights from the show floor, describing it as “one of the most unique takes on a game I have played in recent memory”.

And it would seem others agree. Not only was the game an Indie Prize nominee at 2017’s Tokyo Game Show, but it also won the prize for Excellence in Visual Art at this years Freeplay Festival. Overall the game looks stylish as all heck, and i personally cant wait to take a dive into Melbourne’s weird side this August.