Rainbow Six Siege’s Phantom Sight reveals its two new operators

Posted on May 21, 2019

Rainbow Six Siege saw a very slow start and was met with some mixed reception when first released, but today it is booming more than ever with a dedicated fanbase and a steady stream of DLC, the latest of which was recently detailed by Ubisoft.

As per tradition with Siege’s DLC releases, Phantom Sight will include two new playable operators, Nokk and Warden, as well as a map rework and other various game tweaks and improvements.

Warden is a defender based operator and comes equipped with smart glasses that will allow him to see through smoke whilst stationary, and will also allow him to be near impervious to items such as flashbangs. His rather dapper suit and moustache are perfect additions as well I must say; not quite sure how they managed to model him after me.

For weapons, Warden has access to Valkyrie’s MPX SMG or the M590A1, a powerful pump shotgun, with either the SMG-12 or the P-10C pistol as your choices for secondary weapons.

Nokk comes equipped with a Hel gadget which essentially allows her to become invisible to enemy cameras whilst also dampening the sound of her footsteps, a useful tactic considering the number of cameras and drones that are used during Siege matches. Her trailer gives off a very creepy “Ring girl” vibe, not sure I want to bump into her on the battlefield.

As for weapons, Nokk has access to the FMG-9  (SMG) or the SIX12 SD (shotgun) for primaries, with either the D-50 Desert Eagle or the 5.7 USG as your options for secondary. It is interesting to note that Nokk is the first attacker that does not have access to a longer ranged weapon such as an assault rifle.

Whilst neither of these operators brings anything truly game-changing Rainbow Six Siege, they do offer enough of a difference to be useful during matches with seasoned players, it is worth noting that the MPX is thought by many as being one of the weaker weapons in the game, so it is an interesting choice to pair with a defender like Warden.

Rainbow Six Siege

Some other notable tweaks to gameplay include Glaz’s thermal scope now taking much longer to acquire the profile of defenders, along with the mentioned tweak to Kafe Dostoyevsky’s map, such as adding a new bombsite to the second floor which moves the bombs to Dining Room and the Reading Room.

This map has been reworked to assist certain gameplay areas such as the bakery and kitchen with being much more enjoyable to play in. These areas have been rearranged to make the bakery less of a clear-windowed zoo enclosure death trap and to bring it more in line with other rooms that allow for some form of cover.

This results in the bakery now being divided into two rooms, whilst the kitchen area has been expanded to allow players more areas to anchor.  

Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft certainly continues to deliver on their promise of ensuring Rainbow Six Siege is the best that it can be and is constantly tweaked and reworked for the fans enjoyment, with us Aussies even getting our first Australian operators back in February this year.

You can read the official reveal on Ubisoft’s website here.

What do you think of the new operators? Will they allow for some interesting strategic plays? Let us know in the comments below.