Sonic burger appears in Melbourne and uh, gotta eat fast?

Posted on May 17, 2019

Hey! You know how we haven’t really recovered from that Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer yet? Turns out zero breathing space will be provided after the latest from our blue friend. He’s seen it all. First video games then a movie and now a burger joint, Sonic has taken over everywhere and shows no signs of stopping. In news that sounds just about right, a burger called “Sonic the Egg Hog” has appeared in Melbourne’s Chapel Street Burger Crawl this week.

Yes, we wish we were kidding. However at least Melbourne SEGA fans will now have a food related item from the iconic franchise to salivate over. This confusing and questionable concoction comes from BosozokuHQ and is a runner in the inaugral Chapel Champions Award. This burger will be the joints shining display that promises to “bring feelings of nostalgia and soothe the soul.”

Alas, this blue treat has been teased enough, here’s what curious consumers have in store! The odd meal comes from a blue brioche bun recipe that will “run, jump and overcome obstacles just to get into your mouth.” Stacked inside is a quarter pounder of freshly ground and seasoned Wagyu beef and Canadian maple streaky bacon. Dripped over this bacon will be a delectable melted cheese. Don’t fret! That’s not all! Notably this burger also contains an egg yolk, beetroot mustard and relish. Finishing it off is a generous supply of (golden) onion rings. “Players take your controllers and begin the path to glory, Game on,” the issued press release teases.

Competition won’t come easy for The Egg Hog however, with a Game of Thrones themed burger (shown above) also in the running, while another luxury burger on the list will break the bank at $140.

Now that you’ve heard it from us, will any avid SEGA or Sonic the Hedgehog fans be willing to jump on in? Regardless if you’re ready for it or not, time is very limited. The unique blue burger will be ready for your vote up until next week on Wednesday the 22nd of May at midday.

Gaming and burgers are a fun and natural blend so we’re rooting for you Egg Hog! Gotta go fast!