The Contra Anniversary Collection is locked and loaded!

Posted on May 30, 2019

Look to the skies, everyone! The Konami Anniversary Collection trio is set to round out it’s line-up with the Contra Anniversary Collection, which will be a celebration of several of the series’ past titles. Let’s open up the armory and see what we need to be ready for!

Like it’s predecessors, the Contra Anniversary Collection previously only had half of it’s contents revealed. That’s now changed as of yesterday, so here’s the full list of titles to look forward to (or dread if you play them as well as I do):

The newly revealed titles are in bold

  • Contra (Arcade) – English and Japanese versions
  • Contra (NES)
  • Contra (Famicom)
  • Super Contra (Arcade) – English and Japanese versions
  • Super C (NES)
  • Contra III: The Alien Wars (Super Nintendo) – English and Japanese versions
  • Contra: Hard Corps (Megadrive) – English and Japanese versions
  • Operation C (GameBoy) – English and Japanese versions

The Japanese versions will come in a patch for the game after release.

The Arcade version of Contra, featured in the Contra Anniversary Collection
Back in my day, we used coins for ammo!

The Contra Anniversary Collection doesn’t stop there!

As a bonus, we also get these special entries:

  • Probotector (Megadrive)
  • Super Probotector (Super Nintendo)

Probotector was a variant on the Contra series, apparently meant to censor the violence by featuring robotic protagonists. The robots ended up proving popular enough to star alongside the original stars in Contra 4 on the Nintendo DS, so it’s nice to see them make a return to really show all that the series has to offer.

Contra 3 became Super Probotector for us
Cooler, shinier, but still die to a single hit

Lastly, this collection will also feature an e-book with extra information on the games. If the emulation is as good as it’s been for the last two collections, then we ought to be in for a treat here.

The Contra Anniversary Collection doesn’t have a set release date yet, but will be coming to Switch, PlayStation 4, XBox One and Steam later this year. Hopefully I’ll have figured out how to beat Simon’s Quest before it arrives; the Castlevania games are no joke!