Fire Emblem: Three Houses finally launches next month

Posted on June 13, 2019

We’ve been hearing of Fire Emblem: Three Houses ever since its first announcement back in 2017. We got an in-depth look at what’s been changed and refined in a Nindtendo Direct back in Febuary this year, but much of the story was still shrouded in mystery. At their E3 diect this year, Nintendo has given us one last trailer to get us ready for its release on the 27th of July!

This trailer clarifies a few things about the story that we didn’t previously know: this game is set over more than 5 years! After a time skip, your former students from the monastery will be warring against each other. So it looks like the game will be seperated into two main segments: before and after the time skip. Just what has caused these former friends and allies to turn against one another is still a mystery, but this trailer plays up the drama and tragedy. I expect that choosing whose side to take will be quite the heartbreaking task.

There also about 30 minutes worth of gameplay over at Treehouse Live,  where the male protagonist explores the hub-like Monastary.  Here  the player can interact with all the students and prepare for your battles. Here’s the full video:

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the first in the series to have such a detailed hub world. Previous titles – such as Fire Emblem Fates – have had similar yet limited hub areas, but nothing that was such an important part of the story. There is also more of a focus on your relationships with the students, which more dialogue and totally new ways to engage with them.