Gears 5 details and release date revealed

Posted June 10, 2019

Gears 5 got a bit of focus at Microsoft’s E3 press conference this year as we expected, with new details, trailers and a release date of September 10, 2019.

With Billie Eilish part of the soundtrack and a secret locust dungeon underneath the stage with WWE Superstars Xavier Woods, AJ Styles and Tyler Breeze – presumably held captive – Xbox are doing E3 the right way.

After first being revealed last year (and dropping the “of War” from its title), Gears 5 promises to include the biggest Gears campaign ever, with a new multiplayer game mode called “Arcade”, an all-new Horde mode with character specific abilities, and more.

They also revealed a new game mode called Escape, an “aggressive three player co-op experience that you can play on your couch”, even being able to craft your own maps to play with your friends. Check out the trailer below:

Gears has always been an important franchise for Xbox, and the release of this all-new Gears looks to include some really cool gameplay elements. In fact, if you pre-order and play in the first week you’ll be receiving a Terminator: Dark Fate character pack.

Gears 5 is set to launch on September 10. For those playing at home, that’s the day after my birthday – so I know what I’ll be doing that week. That’s right, kidnapping some WWE Superstars and storing them in my locust dungeon.

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