Hand-drawn RPG The Legend of Wright coming next year

Posted on June 10, 2019

One of the more visually impressive games announced today at Microsoft’s E3 conference is The Legend of Wright. This RPG is developed by Japanese indie studio Desk Works and is based around a hand-drawn aesthetic that makes everything look like highly-detailed doodles in a book.

In addition to the unique animation and art style (which seems to evoke stop-motion animation),  there are pop-up dioramas for certain sequences. The Legend of Wright’s use of the arts-and-crafts theme brings to mind the inventive use of that aesthetic in the Paper Mario games.

Legend of Wright

Particularly clever aspects include having hidden items literally be drawn in pencil when uncovered by our hero, Mr. Wright. In addition to platforming and combat sequences, the game appears to have a world map, represented by the book that the game takes place in. This game’s impressive style and commitment to its “everything is artwork” theme make The Legend of Wright one to look forward to.

The Legend of Wright will release on PC and Xbox One in 2020.