Link’s Awakening Switch lets you create your own dungeons!

Posted on June 12, 2019

Da-da-da-daaa! The Switch remake of Link’s Awakening is bringing a brand new feature to the experience, and it’s going to require you to roll up your sleeves!

Announced as part of Nintendo’s E3 Direct, The adorable retelling of the classic GameBoy title, which we learned about back in February, showed off some great new footage, which really showcases how cute yet faithful the title will be. Have a look at the footage below:

The game is looking absolutely fantastic, almost evoking the simplistic style of Paper Mario mixed with old-fashioned wooden figurines. Perfect for a small story’s big return! On top of that, you can see a number of classic items making a comeback, such as the Roc’s Cape. Welcome back, old friend.

An early area from Link's Awakening

In addition, we’ve been introduced to a new ability to meet up with DampĂ© the Gravekeeper and construct dungeons from recovered room segments. These self-made dungeons can then be explored and cleared out for more rewards! Those Tetris skills will pay off here for sure. Link’s Awakening Switch is gonna blow the old game out of the water!

Dungeon pieces are apparently earned throughout the adventure, so the more you accomplish, the more you can construct and conquer. Perfect motivation for dungeon crawlers like myself.

Link's Awakening introduces a dungeon creation mode!

And finally, we now have the release date, which is the 20th of September of this year. Not too bad! I’m off to get the raft ready, and I suggest Zelda fans do the same. See you on the high seas!

Well, until we crash.