New Commander Keen coming to mobile

Posted on June 10, 2019

Commander Keen, Id Software IP from the 90’s, is coming back.  Bethesda has decided to dust off this platforming classic and give it a revamp for mobile. The game will feature twin geniuses  Billy, and Billie Blaze, as they defend the universe from bad guys.

The entire game takes its cues from Saturday morning cartoons, with a look reminiscent of Phineas and Ferb or Spongebob.  The game seems to be targeted towards a younger demographic than Bethesda usually deals with. This marks a refreshing change of pace for the company who usually deals with nuclear fallout and Dragonfire.

The gameplay is a departure from the franchises platforming roots. The levels seem to consist of a single screen of platforms. Players will be jumping between them, collecting powerups and fighting monsters. The game will also feature PvP,  which is a strange choice. Players will be able to take their Commander head to head to determine sibling superiority.

The addition of Billie blaze is also a welcome departure from the franchise’s roots. Not only does this open up the possibility for Co-op, but it shows that girls can save the universe too. There’s no release date just yet, but we can probably expect this one real soon. Those who can’t wait, or want to get their hands on some sweet costumes when the game goes live,  can head over to to register for updates.

Gamers might remember Commander Keen as being Id Software’s first game franchise. Released in 1990, the franchise followed child genius Billy Blaze,  later revealed to be a descendant of B.J. Blascowitz,  as he repaired his spaceship on Mars, protected earth from an alien invasion, and chased a space dictator back to its home planet.

The games were a lot of fun and prove nostalgic for any gamer who was lucky enough to play them. While they were pushed to the wayside by Id’s bigger franchises like Doom, and Wolfenstein, the games still have a dedicated fanbase. A fanbase that will be happy to see the return of Keen.