Rainbow Six Quarantine announced at Ubisoft’s E3

Posted on June 11, 2019

The next Rainbow Six game has been revealed on the E3 stage and it’s going by the name of Rainbow Six Quarantine. The game will be a cooperative PVE game where players will take on a parasite that’s looking to infect and spread and kill everything in its path.

You can check the announce trailer below:

Joined by a developer on stage, Quarantine was described as being built upon the amazing shooting seen within Siege. “What siege is to the PVP genre, we will be to PVE coop”. The game will require coordination, quick thinking, tactical skills and survival instincts in order to succeed. Unfortunately we only have a cinematic trailer to go on, with no gameplay available to see yet. However there’s a feeling of impending doom and horror vibes that I’m really digging from the trailer.

Rainbow Six Quarantine is arriving in early 2020.