Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, the RPG to bring the Clancy-verse together

Posted on June 11, 2019

Everyone loves a good crossover. The Avengers, Mario & Sonic, Super Smash Bros, some of the most exciting stuff. Ubisoft looks to turn that kind of spotlight onto the Tom Clancy Video Game Universe with Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad.

A mobile RPG, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, has been announced and with it an impressive character roster. Each character will have its own appropriate class and with it their own specialisations.

Megan from the Division is in the Attacker class. Montagne & Caveira from Rainbow Six fall under the Intimidation class. Montagne also doubles as a Guardian, Caveira as a Striker. Nomad from Ghost Recon is a “Team Leader” as well as a Gunner. Lastly, but certainly not leastly, the much loved Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell fame is coming to Elite Squad as a counter-intelligence class operative. This is only the beginning. The website shows that there are quite a few more characters in the works.

Elite Squad

As for the game itself, Elite Squad’s website provides some clarification. Elite Squad will take place in dynamic 5V5 Battles. Players can take the fight online with Player V Player modes or Guild V Guild. For the more single player inclined the game will come with a campaign mode.

You can pre-register for Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad now on their official website.