War of the Visions looks like Final Fantasy Tactics for mobile

Posted on June 13, 2019

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is an upcoming free-to-play JRPG, reminiscent of PS1 classic Final Fantasy Tactics. Currently in development, it’s set in the same world as Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, another free-to-play mobile JRPG released in 2015.

Set in the medieval-esque land of Ardora, the game looks to follow the eponymous War of the Visions, fought between five neighbouring kingdoms. There seems to be a large cast of characters, flowery faux-Shakespearean dialogue, and hints of political intrigue. This is quite similar to how Final Fantasy Tactics handled plot and character back in 1997.

According to the trailer, War of the Visions is set to be a new chapter in the “FFBE universe”. However, instead of Brave Exvius’ fast paced tap-heavy battle system, WotV will be an isometric grid-based tactical RPG, in the vein of XCOM or The Banner Saga.

This is the first Final Fantasy game with such a battle system since 1997’s Final Fantasy Tactics and its sequels. War of the Visions appears to emulate those games to a certain extent. Unlike Tactics, WotV will use 3D character models and environments, but the trailer shows the same fonts as Tactics to indicate damage numbers and unit height placement (down to the little ‘h’ next to the height stat). While this is a purely superficial comparison, it’ll be interesting to see if more substantial references are present in the game. There probably won’t be a new Final Fantasy Tactics anytime soon, so this could be a handy compromise for fans.

War of the Visions combat

War of the Visions is set to be the fifth free-to-play mobile game in the ever-expanding Final Fantasy franchise. Games like Brave Exvius and Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia continue to be popular, with regular updates to keep players busy. Time will tell if War of the Visions can differentiate itself from the crowd. At the very least, it’ll have the least confusing name of the bunch.