Watch Dogs Legion drops an exciting gameplay trailer with release date

Posted on June 11, 2019

It’s fair to say that a lot of the wind has been taken out of Watch Dogs Legion’s announcement. The new entry into Ubisoft’s hacking series was unfortunately leaked last week. The good news is we now have answers to some key questions about this exciting new game.

Watch Dogs already has attained some prestige as an open world action game. You can still enjoy all the “GTA, but with hacking”,  but there is a lot of great stuff under the hood.

Whilst the game may be similar to past releases, Watch Dogs Legion has some interesting little spice of its own. The exciting new feature here is the ability to play as any NPC. The idea is simple, everyone has important skills. That lady’s an assassin. That man’s a drone expert. That grandma makes spider robots that grab onto people’s face and tase (electrocute?) them. You need a lot of people to build a worthwhile resistance. Each character comes with their own unique backstory, their own origin mission to unlock them and bring them into the fold of the Legion.

The flipside to this is that your characters are not disposable. Every character is mortal. It’s an important counterbalance really. You may be able to create a larger resistance but you’re still human. Which is still pretty challenging, as even recruiting new members can be a perilous journey. The game is definitely out to kill you but now there are real stakes on offer.

Watch Dogs Legion has really added an exciting spin on the open world shooter genre. It’s a spin that ensures that you have to be paying attention to your surrounding and really brings you into the game. I , for one, am bloody excited for this game. It really seems like a step in the right direction transforming the landscape of the game. It’s turned from a crazy sandbox to a large sprawling human resource-fueled story. Also, it has a grandma piloting spider taser robots. Sounds pretty exciting to me.

Watch Dogs Legion is set to release on March 6, 2020 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Stadia.