It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia gets mobile treatment

Posted on July 28, 2019

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a good sitcom. I mean, take it from me, the person who shares the very same name as the shows best character, Charlie. The show isn’t without its faults of course. While it is doing so in mostly good taste, the show manages to toe the line between going too far when exploring its political issues. Now, it seems they’re doing the same on our mobile screens by introducing a mobile game, aptly titled It’s Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile.

The Gang Goes Mobile came out recently and I jumped into it myself this morning and of course it’s filled with all that It’s Always Sunny goodness. The game is essentially a money making sim and you’ll be talked through the game and it’s mechanics by none other than Danny Devito’s Frank.

He’ll explain how to earn money for the bar while also running side hustles, scamming (though not always successfully) as many as naive customer as possible. You’ll even see yourself putting out a literal dumpster fire. All while this is going on, that sweet sweet catchy theme song tune is playing.

It's Always Sunny game

The game isn’t shy with its references to the show either. All of the main cast of characters are there (sans voice acting) as well as familiar side characters such as The Waitress and Cricket. The goal of the game is simple, complete money making objectives in order to complete an ‘episode’ (often with same plots of the show) of the game and move on to the next. During that you’ll laugh and have fun at the shows array of callbacks, with Trash Man and Kitten Mittens making an appearance to name a few.

It’s Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile does nothing special to reinvent itself in the money making sim mobile games. That’s kind of okay though. Yes, you’ll be spamming finger taps in order to earn money and move on to the next objective but it’s self aware and joyfully dumb. This pairs well with the source material, the television show.

It’s needless, indulgent and hilarious, but also kind of addictive. It’s Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile is out now for Android and iOS devices.