Nintendo Switch Lite finally confirmed

Posted on July 11, 2019

It’s been rumoured for some time and the lack of its appearance at E3 even diminished hopes a bit but finally we have news on a new Switch model. The Nintendo Switch Lite is a smaller and cheaper model that will be handheld only for all your on the go needs.

The announcement, which arrived through means of Nintendo’s social media, showcased quite a bit of what the new device will look like. It will not only have a reduced display size of a 5.5 inch screen with 720p screen but will also ditch the detachable joycon controllers and TV  USB-C connectivity entirely.

People that pick this up will have the choice of grey, yellow or turquoise for their make. The Nintendo Switch Lite will, while removing its built in kick stand, also have a newer and more true D-pad and a promised slightly improved battery life. All other typical features of a Switch including wifi usage, an audio port, touch screen functions and use of MicroSD card will still be present.

The Nintendo Switch Lite and how it stacks up against the typical Nintendo Switch.

Fans worried about the original make needn’t worry however, Nintendo fully intends on supporting both models at the same time. “We believe the two systems will complement each other and coexist in the market,” says the new CEO of Nintendo America, Doug Bowser. It’s pretty easy to look at this announcement and see that it may soon spell the end for Nintendo and their 2D and 3DS’ but this still won’t be for some time, also according to Bowser.

So there you have it, the rumors are true and the Nintendo Switch Lite will be here before we know it with a release date of September 20. The current pricing is $200 USD which will be somewhere around $280-$300 for us Aussies. The joys of handheld gaming are revitalised once more! Just don’t expect to play any Labo with this one.