Overwatch cheaters will now prompt an automatic match end

Posted on July 18, 2019

It’s been around for over 3 years at this point but Blizzard remain loyal as ever to their trademark Overwatch. An example of this is their new current hope and method of combating the games notorious cheaters. It seems now that Blizzard are in fact testing a function that will mean any detected cheater in a game will automatically prompt the end of the match. This announcement came with their latest developer update.

It’s easy to become nervous about this and get stressed thinking about the repercussions for the fair players. Luckily, there would not be any for those players, Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan assures. In short, no penalties at all. This includes no loss of SR in comepetitive matches, even if the player in question was on your team. For the cheaters however, “very harsh actions,” are promised.

Also in the developer update video was a tease of an earlier than usual Summer Games and eventually, another hero for the game. This will be Overwatch’s 31st hero, and he will be the first hero since Baptiste, who arrived back in February. Jeff let fans know that this hero may be a little bit later than fans are used to but it was still on it’s way.

Hanzo and Torbjorn in Overwatch Summer Games

The Summer Games event will bring a new range of cosmetics for heroes ranging between Olympics and sports themed outfits and a set of bathers for an Overwatch Pool Party. For the first time ever the event will include the Weekly Challenges that Blizzard have been using to incentivise players returning over a period of time.

There you have it. Overwatch fans: do you think this new function is good, or could it prove to have some frustrating regular match ends for you?