Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid brings us Zedd Season

Posted on July 14, 2019

The developers of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid are officially back to action, with the reveal and subsequent release of some much-needed new combatants to the game. Late last night, developers nWay announced the arrival of three more fighters joining the Battle for the Grid roster, with the first two arriving less than a day later alongside the latest patch! The perks of teleportation in action.

Have a look at the trailer below, then we’ll break down what’s coming for Battle for the Grid!

First we have Trey of Triforia, the Gold ranger from Power Rangers Zeo.  This character proved to be very popular as the sixth ranger of the Zeo team, and when Trey had to temporarily transfer his powers to someone else, this led to the return of fan-favourite Jason Lee Scott from the original Mighty Morphin’ team. He’s certainly a welcome addition to the roster for those who remember him.

Gameplay-wise, Trey is able to unleash a flurry of fast attacks but is vulnerable when caught out. Thankfully, he can help himself by summoning Pyramidas, which unleashes an enormous area-of-effect blast from the sky. Watch out players, he’s for real!

The Gold ranger in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

The second fighter to enter the fray is Jen Scotts, the pink Time Force ranger. Jen has access to a laser cannon and can freeze time for her super attack, so she’s definitely fun to use and entertaining to watch. She also has a pair of swords that combine into a staff, so what’s not to like here?

These two characters are available now, but there’s one more combatant to talk about, and that’s the skin-deprived husband of Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd! No gameplay footage has been shown for him yet, but he’s certainly a fan-favourite villain in the franchise and ought to be welcomed warmly, especially because of what he’d do if he wasn’t. Stay sharp, rangers!

The Pink Ranger in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

As stated, both Trey and Jen are available now through the season one pass, while Zedd will be arriving “soon.” In addition, today marked the release of update 1.3 to Battle for the Grid, with the full patch notes available here. Those who’ve purchased either the pass or the game’s Collector’s Edition will also gain access to a dragon shield skin for Jason, which ought to be a treat for those who remember season one of the show.

Battle for the Grid may have had a somewhat slow start, but it’s now really starting to pick up steam, and I certainly hope that we see a strong future for it. It’s always morphin’ time somewhere, after all.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid