Melbourne eSports winner becomes one of Australia’s highest paid sport stars

Posted on August 27, 2019

A Melbourne teenager has become one of Australia’s highest earning sport stars thanks to his recent efforts at DOTA 2 ‘s The International 2019. The eSports champion recently won alongside his team who took home over $15 million US at the record-breaking event.

Anathan Pham, the 19-year-old DOTA 2 champion, has now out-earned huge Australian sporting names such as tennis star Nick Kyrgios and cricketer Steve Smith. Anathan was also apart of the team when they won the DOTA 2 championship the prior year, which has skyrocketed his earnings to one of the highest in eSports history.

Anathan, also known as ana in game, dropped out of highschool to pursue his professional DOTA 2 career. He then moved overseas to continue his journey competing in some of the biggest teams in the world. In 2017 Anathan joined OG, a newly formed team that would go on to win DOTA 2’s largest yearly competition twice in a row.

The young Aussie is now a multi-millionaire. That doesn’t necessarily mean everybody should drop out of school to pursue a video game career. Although for at least one young gamer it seems to have been the right decision.