Monthly Sea of Thieves updates sure to rock the boat

Posted on August 19, 2019

Year Two of Sea of Thieves is really ramping up, with Rare promising the release of a new update to the game every month. These will be the first big updates since Cursed Sails last year. Last month was the first, with an update coming out on the second Wednesday.

That update, Black Powder Stashes, didn’t do heaps to change the game, adding a new type of voyage and not much else. The newest update, however, promises much more. Dark Relics adds chests with special loot, challenges for pirate legends and harpoons for your rowboats! All of this on top of another voyage type.

Dark Relics is focused around retrieving the Order of Souls relics from Skeleton Lords. There’s always more than just spooky skeletons to wrangle with on the seven seas, though! Shipments of mysterious chests have been appearing across the ocean, and no one knows where they came from.

The only way to find out what’s inside is to crack one open yourself. Dark Relics is an event that encourages players to work against each other to collect as many of these relics as they can. These new updates are scheduled to come out the second Wednesday of every month, and should keep the game fresh with new story mode updates alongside smaller changes.

All of the content updates can be found on the Sea of Thieves website here. Pirates had better be ready for more frequent changes, fixing issues, balancing and of course, additional loot to be found.