Player 2 HQ launches, a hub for content creators

Posted on August 13, 2019

Being a content creator takes more work than you would think. Coming up with ideas and a point of difference to stand out in a gigantic crowd of streamers, personalities and brands from around the world isn’t easy. Player 2 HQ , a start-up resource hub dedicated to educating and mentoring content creators in the ANZ gaming community, looks to bridge this gap.

The company has been founded by Australian video game industry professional Cat Benstead and former streamer, marketing and business development expert Teagan Smith, really looking at ways to make content creation as easy and fun as possible for those who want to try and actually make a lucrative career out of it.

“We found that a lot of content creators were overwhelmed or had no idea when it came to running their business behind the scenes,” says Player 2 HQ co-founder Teagan Smith.

Streamers have grown increasingly more viable as a career option, but you won’t be getting over 14 million followers like Ninja from just playing games in your living room. Once you do get a bit of traction with your followers, you need to market yourself to grow your fanbase, which can include sponsorships, media events and more; lots of elements that the average Joe would have very little knowledge in, especially given the young age of some streamers.

Player 2 HQ could help you be the next Ninja

“We created a service that takes away the stress of trying to find time for all the business requirements,” says Player 2 HQ co-founder Cat Benstead. “That way they could focus on creating content (as it’s what they do best) and we could handle the behind the scenes things that they don’t have time to do.”

Player 2 HQ offers a full range of services, including social media management, sponsorships, proposals, influencer management and education or the content creator just starting out all the way those already in fully fledged business mode.

If you want to get cracking with your streaming career in a big way, head to Player 2 HQ; it could be just the tool you need to be the next PewDiePie (or, you know… somebody that I’d actually enjoy watching).