A closer look at Nintendo’s bizarre “Ring Fit Adventure” for Switch

Posted on September 13, 2019

Last week Nintendo teased us with a glimpse at a new Nintendo Switch accessory that appeared to be a hoop used for exercise. Now we’ve been given a proper, in-depth look at that accessory and whilst it answers a lot of questions, it also raises a whole bunch more.

The new accessory is calledĀ Ring Fit AdventureĀ and it’s part video game and part exercise peripheral. The game relies on the use of Joy-Cons, one which slides into a pouch strapped to your thigh and the other gets inserted into the ring itself. The game appears to be a turn-based RPG where you adventure along a linear path by actually jogging in real life. The ring can then be squeezed to create a blast of air within the game and battles will have the player using the ring in a range of different ways in order to attack the foes you come up against. You can check it all out in the video below.

Strange, right? Whilst I’m fairly convinced the presenters in the trailer are actually lizard aliens wearing human skin, the game itself doesn’t look half bad. Nintendo have ventured into the exercise realm in the past, but to my knowledge this is the first time they’ve used a more traditional game to promote physical movement. As someone who fails to exercise as much as I should, a game like this is far more likely to motivate me than something like the Wii Fit.

Alongside the base adventure game, Ring Fit Adventure will also have a range of other modes such as Quick Play and Minigames for shorter bursts of more focused fitness. The game and its circular peripheral will launch on October 18th for the Switch. Are you ready?