PAX Aus 2019 Highlight – Blood Metal

Posted on October 17, 2019

PAX Australia 2019 came and went and with it, a bunch of information on some creative and locally developed indies that were on display, including Blood Metal.

I sat down with Will and Seth of Blood Metal Studios to discuss their first title.

The duo describes the game as being a “tactical, over the top gory and brutal FPS shooter” and is “inspired by cheesy 80’s actions films.”


The demo that I played at the event was quite interesting as you essentially blast your way through a bunch of enemies using a multitude of various weapons. The enemies also have “anatomically correct innards” which provides some seriously over-the-top gory fun.

The music in this title is quite nostalgic as it is also 80’s inspired containing different elements of synth and rock that sound like they are taken straight from the era, a bonus for me as I love music from this era.

Blood Metal

An interesting fact to note is that Seth and Will are both still in high school and decided to take a concept they had developed and make a game with it – the result of which being Blood Metal.

Blood Metal is in early alpha stage at this point in time but is planned to be released on PC sometime in 2020 with a public demo to be playable on their website in the coming days.

Follow their offical Facebook page to get all the latest updates on this title.