PAX Aus 2019 Highlight – Squidgies Takeover

Posted on October 22, 2019

I know I’ve said it countless times but the best fun to be had at PAX AUS is always at the PAX Rising booths. There are no big waiting lines, multiple chances to win yourself heaps of unique pins, and of course the opportunity to meet all the new gaming development talent. This year I was fortunate enough to play Giant Margarita’s new game Squidgies Takeover; a puzzle game that featured some of the cutest little blobs I’ve ever played with.

For those unfamiliar, Squidgies Takeover is a puzzle game that puts you in control of the Squidgies, helpless, adorable and in need of your help. Players are tasked with sending the Squidgies out to new planets, using their wit to safely guide them out of harms way and onto their new home planets. Despite being hapless little blobs, Squidgies can manipulate their bodies to swing, fling, and even float out of harm’s way.

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I tend to have a love/hate relationship with puzzle games, since I do enjoy the satisfaction of completing a challenging level but can’t stand it when I’m no closer to solving them despite having spent a good while trying. Squidgies Takeover seemed to be just hard enough that it usually only took me three to five attempts to figure out each puzzle – so I was thoroughly impressed. It did benefit me that I had the developers there beside me, but for the most part I found myself zooming through the stages, of which there 80+ to attempt.

Squidgies Takeover is set to arrive for play on the Nintendo Switch from mid-November, according to the developers at Giant Margarita and can be played either on your touch screen or with joy-con controllers if you’d prefer to play docked.

A nice and simple puzzle game, Squidgies Takeover is fun for all ages and will keep you coming back until you’ve sent each and every last Squidgie to their new home planet.