Free games for PS4, Xbox, and PC subscribers in November

Posted on November 7, 2019

We are still a month out from that festive time of the year, but for those of us with the below subscriptions, Christmas has come early due to some fantastic free games being up for grabs, check out the full list below.

PlayStation Plus

  • Nioh
    Kicking off our free games list is Nioh which is set during a fictionalised version of the year 1600. The plot follows the journeys of William, an Irish sailor who pursues the sorcerer Edward Kelley into the final battles of the Sengoku period during Tokugawa Ieyasu’s efforts to unify Japan. Nioh has received critical acclaim and if you are a fan of the Dark Souls series than this is certainly a title to check out, especially as the sequel is currently being developed.
  • Outlast 2
    Outlast 2 is the sequel to the game that launched a wave of titles all focused on first-person stealth horror that limits the player’s ability to fight enemies and instead places you in a terrifying setting. You play as Blake Langermann on a journey to discover more about the mysterious Temple Gate cult. A word of advice, have an extra pair of pants by your side.


Xbox Games with Gold

Xbox One

  • Friday the 13th: The Game (available 16/10/19 – 15/11/19)
    Friday the 13th is an asymmetrical multiplayer video game that pits up to 7 people as camp counsellors, with one player stepping into the big shoes of Jason Vorhees as he hunts down each player using a variety of mechanics and abilities. The counsellors are able to run and hide from Jason, along with using various traps in an attempt to escape Jason before the time runs out or he completes his goal of murdering every counsellor.
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter (available 01/11/19 – 30/11/19)
    Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter is an adventure-mystery game where the majority of the game involves exploring crime scenes and examining clues. these clues are then added to the games deduction board where players will have to piece together the clues to come to a conclusion. This title received mixed reviews upon release but was generally praised for the investigative aspect of gameplay.


Xbox 360

  • Star Wars Jedi Starfighter (available 01/11/19 – 15/11/19)
    Jedi Starfighter was originally released back in 2002 and puts players in control of various star fighters from the Star Wars universe as they protect allies and defeat enemies across a range of missions. The title is set during the Battle of Geonosis before the events of Attack of the Clones. The game was praised upon release and still holds a special place amongst many gamers.

Epic Games

  • Costume Quest (available until 08/11/19)
    Costume Quest is an RPG that has you play as a kid searching for their sibling who was taken by a monster. You traverse the town trick-or-treating for various items for your costume, candy, along with fellow companions to aid you in your journey. The costumes play a unique role here as when entering battle your currently equipped costume will transform you into a representation of that creature/character.
  • SOMA (available until 08/11/19)
    SOMA continues the spooky offerings of free games for November in which you play as Simon Jarett traversing an underwater remote research facility. This facility has gone into complete disarray with the machinery somehow taking on human-like characteristics and it is up to you to piece together what on earth happened here. The game plays similar to Outlast as it is a first-person horror game that avoids combat in favour of having you feel isolated, scared, and confused as to what is going on with this facility.
  • Nuclear Throne (available from 08/11/19 – 15/11/19)
    Nuclear Throne is a top-down shooter roguelike game that has you navigate levels as one of 12 different characters all with different abilities and skills, and being a roguelike game each new attempt resets the area and is randomly generated.
  • Ruiner (available from 08/11/19 – 15/11/19)
    Ruiner is top-down cyberpunk inspired action game published by Devolver Digital. You play as a silent, masked protagonist on a mission to rescue his brother with a metropolis known as Rengkok.


Twitch Prime

  • Double Cross (available until 03/12/19)
    Double Cross is an action-adventure title where you play as Zahra and explore alternate dimensions, fight interdimensional criminals, and solve crimes.
  • Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition (available until 03/12/19)
    The remaster of the second entry into the Darksiders franchise that leans away from the Zelda-like gameplay of the first title and goes in a more God of War action direction.
  • Planet Alpha (available until 03/12/19)
    Explore a unique world and piece together your story by utilising your unique ability to control and manipulate the time of day
  • Sword Legacy: Omen (available until 03/12/19)
    As Uther, the disgraced Knight Commander, you must lead your misfit band of companions throughout quests riddled with trials. Combat has a tactical edge as you must position your units correctly to become victorious and complete your quest in this unique take on the classic Arthurian legends.
  • Turmoil (available until 03/12/19)
    Play through a campaign where you build your rags-to-riches oil baron career and beat your rivals. This title features dozens of various upgrades to unlock and has a quicky and colourful graphical style that is sure to please simulation and strategy enthusiasts.


There are a bunch of quality free games on offer for November and I constantly find myself surprised by the calibre of titles on offer as of late. I’ll be revisiting Nioh myself as I always loved this game and never got a chance to finish it. What title will you be checking out?