Sports Story, Golf Story’s more sports-diverse sequel, announced

Posted on December 16, 2019

It’s been a few years since the release of the acclaimed Golf Story hit the Nintendo Switch store. The ridiculous, Australian-made sports game saw players solve all manner of problems using golfing prowess. Feeding fish, reuniting families of turtles, defeating evil wizards – you know, normal golf things.

Now its developer, Brisbane-based Sidebar Games, is expanding their horizons. More sports! More crazy shenanigans. All this and more in Golf Story’s sequel, Sports Story!

Sports Story will bring all kinds of sporting goods to the original idea. Soccer balls, tennis nets, baseball bats and more will be at the player’s disposal. Hell, even the sports themselves are getting mashed up together. Check this and more out in the new announcement trailer that debuted during Nintendo’s recent indie showcase.

Sports Story looks fantastic. Oh and there’s yetis and sports-skill based stealth missions – no biggie.

Sports Story is set to tee off as a Nintendo Switch exclusive sometime in mid-2020.