Super Mario Maker 2 update adds a Zelda twist

Posted on December 5, 2019

The 2.0 update for Super Mario Maker 2 drops later this week coming with a few more tools to play with. The most exciting addition is definitely going to be the ability to play as Link.

In the original Super Mario Maker, players were able to access more than 150 characters to play as by tapping an amiibo and then picking up a Mystery Mushroom. These costumes were purely cosmetic. Playing as Link in Mario Maker 2 is going to have a much bigger effect on gameplay.

Link can perform many familiar moves for fans of the Legend of Zelda series. firing arrows, tossing bombs and dashing forward with his sword out. With all these new moves, the gameplay (and level building) of Super Mario Maker 2 is going to change drastically. It opens up possibilities for temple-inspired puzzles, and other scenarios that regular ol’ Mario would never be able to make is way out of. 

Link will only be available in Super Mario Bros. courses via a powerup and is only available in the 8 Bit game mode. Finding a Master Sword and picking it up will turn players from Mario into Link. I’m sure there are going to be plenty of levels built that give this power up right at the beginning for a fully Legend of Zelda inspired experience.

There’s going to be another game more available to play in the new update as well, Ninji Speedruns. These are timed challenge levels created by Nintendo, where players race again ghost version of other players who have beaten the level before them. The challenge is scaled based on your level as well. Players will only be racing against others the same level they are.

The rankings are based on how quickly players make their way through the stage. Each new challenge will be available for play for a week and stamp rewards can be collected by playing that can then be used to redeem Mii costumes. To keep up with further updates to Super Mario Maker 2, keep an eye on the website over here, and have fun building!