The Witcher 3 breaks its own player records 4 years after release

Posted on December 30, 2019

The Witcher 3 is seeing a huge surge in popularity, racing to the top of the Steam charts more than 4 years after release. The game was always popular, but it’s currently seeing the highest player count in the game’s history, even beating out its launch day numbers.

The data is readily available on Steam’s own statistics, seen here. Whilst the game’s historical highest concurrent players was previously ~92,000 on Steam, it’s currently sitting at a peak concurrent player count of ~94,000 today. What’s the reason behind the game’s sudden surge of popularity? Well holiday discounts would certainly help, but the bigger reason is the success of the newly released Witcher Netflix show.

The Witcher Netflix series

It’s clear Witcher fans are connecting heavily with the Netflix show. And it’s compelling both fans and newcomers to jump into The Witcher games. Whilst it’s The Witcher 3 that’s receiving the biggest influx of players, the original 2 games are also climbing Steam’s charts. All 3 games are sitting within Steam’s top 100 games by player count with The Witcher 3 comfortably sitting at number 8.

It’s worth noting that these figures are only for PC via Steam, and aren’t taking console player numbers or other PC platforms such as GOG into consideration.

Has The Witcher Netflix series brought you back into the video games?