Aussie charity GenerOZity to host fundraiser stream towards bushfires

Posted on January 5, 2020

With Australia continuing to suffer from the devastating bushfires that started last November, help is needed now more than ever. Aussie-based charity GenerOZity has organised a donation drive to support those in Fire & Rescue services across Australia. Between 17-19 of January, participating streamers will meet in Sydney for a livestream of non-stop content, featuring multiple streamers and games. Those who can’t attend in person are already accepting donations on their own Twitch channels, and are already streaming away. Roughly 100 contributors have expressed interest already.

GenerOZity describes themselves as a “Guerilla popup charity”, which makes them sound like a super secret task-force that bursts through windows to throw money at whatever good cause needs it most. They’ve been active since 2016, and have helped several causes, such as Child’s Play and CheckPoint (no relation to yours truly). You might have even seen them at PAX Aus 2019, where they raised over $40,000 for CureCancer. They’ve raised more than $110,000 total.

The GenerOZity team at PAX Aus 2019
The GenerOZity team at PAX Aus 2019


All donations are going towards the NSW Rural Fire Service and the Country Fire Authority in Victoria, with an initial goal of a modest $10,000. The donate button is already live, and the lead-up to the Sydney stream has already begun. At the time of writing, more than $3000 has been raised, and that’s before the main event has even started! Keep an eye on the Twitter tag @GenerOZity to keep up-to-date on who’s streaming, and let’s blow that $10,000 goal away!

Over the past few years, livestreaming has been one of the most popular ways for gamers to raise money for worthy causes. The past 12 months have seen multiple success stories, such as the one hosted by popular YouTuber HBomberGuy which saw more than $300,000 raised for the trans charity Mermaids. We can only hope that GenerOZity sees a similar level of success.